I am a geography Ph.D. student from the University of Tennessee working under Dr. Derek Alderman. My M.A. was also in geography from the University of Missouri. Presently, I am working with a team of geographers on a NSF grant project titled “Changing Racialized Landscapes of Southern Heritage Tourism” which looks into the world of plantation home museums. There are so many interesting things folks are working on in this group and I am examining the role of tour guides as powerful story-curators and the interpretation of resistance and womanhood. I was a tour guide with the U.S. National Park Service for five years which led me to a focus on the affective creation of historical reality as studied through ethnographies and auto-ethnographies. I am currently working on a book chapter about the politics of language at plantation museums and an article about the place-attachment of tour guides. I am most interested in the ways we actively imbue objects and homes with historical memory and how those items shape reality. As a geographer, the spatiality of story and meaning has been a primary focus in my work.